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An In-Depth Look at the Main Advantages of a Casement Window

Casement WindowWhilst there may be plenty of window styles and designs to choose from, such as sash windows, tilt & turn windows, reversible windows, and so on, the casement window style seems to be ahead of them all and can be said to be even more popular today than ever. There are various reasons for this, one of which is that this type of window design looks good with any kind of home or building, whether traditional or modern, and it is also sturdy, secure, and can easily be made more thermally efficient.

While we’re at it, let’s take a more in-depth look at the other main advantages of a casement window.

A casement window opens more fully and completely than other window types
One of the very first advantages to having a casement window series for your home or building is that compared to other types of windows, a casement window can be opened farther than most. The casement window can be swung open entirely, especially as compared to double-hung windows, which only allow you to open either the upper or lower half, but not both, or sliding windows, where one side can be opened and the other is usually fixed. Other window types can only be partially opened as well.

If you place particular importance on the windows’ opening size, then a casement window is a good choice. However, there is also one point to remember, especially if you have small children: since a casement window can be fully opened, it may not be a good idea to install one within easy reach of very young children. If you have small children to consider, it is better to install casement windows at a higher spot.

A casement window allows for more airy, comfortable rooms
An airier, breezier room is often most convenient in the summer, when we tend to keep our windows open. Homes or buildings which do not usually get any air moving through their rooms will benefit from a casement window, as it is equipped with an open sash which serves as a funnel to bring more air and refreshing breezes into your home or building. For buildings which are also built close together, a casement window is an ideal solution, as it basically draws air into your rooms better than other types of windows.

A casement window is safer and more secure
One important fact about a casement window is this: it is more difficult to break open or break into. The locks of a casement window are often built with a hook design, which are also embedded into the actual window frame itself, which makes it sturdier and more secure than other window locks. Compared to other window types such as double hung windows, which can be pried open under the sash by a simple bar, the casement window’s locks offer more security – and peace of mind.

Casement windowsavailable nowadays also come in a variety of colours and more enhanced features. It goes without saying that a casement window also gives any home or building a more uniform and well-constructed look and appeal, and it fits in with most any home or building theme or style. Window manufacturers like Sierra Windows (learn more about their services and offerings at have casement windows which are reinforced with Yale locking systems, available in a total of 19 choices of colour finishes, and are energy and thermally efficient as well.