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Carpet Repair Can Do Wonders

Carpet RepairWhich actor was it that said he always avoided working with children and animals? They can be wonderful but they occasionally cause problems. If you have children or pets then it is a brave decision to have expensive carpets, even braver if they are light in colour. Accidents of course happen and anyone can spill a drink or knock something over. Children may also cause damage simply because they know no better. They don’t intend to spill paint on the carpet and it can happen even if you have put plenty of paper down as protection. Cats and dogs likewise, because they see carpeting as something to play with, to scratch or chew. Dogs dig by nature, cats keep their claws sharp. They are not to know that your carpet is not there for their purposes.

Fitted but not insured?
Most people have fitted carpets in the UK. It adds to the warmth in the house. It can pay to keep some surplus carpeting in a cupboard just in case. Some accidents can be simply wiped clean, especially if they are attended to immediately. Others may need some expertise to restore the carpet to your satisfaction, especially if you have perhaps dropped a hot iron and it has burnt the carpet.

Carpets are often a specific exclusion from a household insurance policy. It is something that has been done for a reason and that is the frequency of accidents. Even if you have insurance for your carpets you are likely to find a big excess and it will get bigger if you make a claim. Repair is a better option than looking for replacement if it is at all possible.

Commercial carpets
There are commercial premises where the potential problem is just as acute. A hotel or departmental store will have huge areas that are carpeted and need to be kept in good condition. It means that they need to buy quality in the first place, carpets that will be able to take plenty of traffic on a daily basis and do so over a long period of time. Plenty of traffic can add up to plenty of potential for damage. The public’s reaction to something that is not up to scratch can have serious commercial consequences.

Cost effective
In all these cases, repair is only cost effective if you can find someone with the skill to do it properly. Companies like have built up a reputation because they have tackled seemingly difficult problems and come up with solutions. It costs nothing to look to a quality repair company initially to see what it suggests can be done. If the damage is irreparable, then nothing is lost except a few hours of time. It is important not to look at something and think repairs are impossible. If you do have a problem, it is far better to ask the experts before you do anything else. You might be very pleasantly surprised.