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A Home with a Beautiful Floor- Opt For Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is an excellent choice for flooring, though it may not be your first choice when looking at flooring options. This is simply because bamboo is not quite as popular as other flooring materials, though it’s hard to see why: bamboo is eco-friendly, it renews itself automatically and takes only three years to reach its full growth, and it’s also incredibly insulating. But while bamboo flooring may look and feel like wood, and require some of the same tools and installation procedures, bamboo is in fact actually a grass. And, it’s one of the fastest-growing grasses on the planet, with most bamboo originating in Asia and other warm-climate areas.

To become flooring, bamboo must first be harvested. Harvesting involves cutting bamboo to the root, then taking the slices and slicing them lengthwise into flat planks. If left alone, the planks will retain their natural blonde color, which will also show off the bamboo’s fibers’ growth patterns. But the planks can be boiled to deepen the bamboo’s color to a rich red amber. Or, you can take your pick of stains to create a custom look for your bamboo that is customized specifically for your needs. Once your bamboo flooring has your desired color, it can be installed, and then you can add area carpeting and throw rugs to create the perfect look for your living spaces.

Are you still on the fence about bamboo flooring? Consider these bamboo flooring facts:

Bamboo flooring can easily hold up to years worth of abuse doled out by heavy foot traffic, children, and pets. Bamboo flooring durability is always a big selling point for this particular natural material. You won’t have to worry about scuffs, abrasions, or dents; and you won’t have to handle your bamboo flooring with kid gloves as you’d have to hardwood flooring.
Bamboo flooring is an excellent insulator! If you want to reduce your heating and cooling costs, install bamboo in at least the larger rooms of your home. Combined with energy-efficient, double-seal windows and doors, and energy-efficient thermostats, you’ll notice a decrease in home heating and cooling costs.