Shaking up the Property Market

Property MarketEarthquakes in the UK are fairly rare, certainly ones that make the doors rattle. There was one that did recently though. It was centred near the Channel Islands, according to the British Geological Survey which is based in Exeter and monitors such things, and it was the largest for decades, measuring 4.6. There was no real damage done even though the tremors were felt throughout the Channel Islands and counties in the South West. A little rattling causes no permanent damage.

Building standards
Quakes of this strength do not cause the structural damage that sometimes occurs in other parts of the world. The quality of building perhaps plays a small part in that. Certainly the standards in the UK are high. The industry is happy to be back in full swing after a few difficult years. There are both residential projects and commercial developments underway once again.

Even speculative developments are going ahead once more. One such development close to the Geological Survey Station in Exeter will provide 5,600 square feet of office space on two floors at Woodbury Business Park.

There are several local companies well equipped and able to supply and build it, and demand for the offices is looking good. The success of such developments will certainly lead to more in the future and that adds up to increasing employment opportunities. That in turn will increase the demand for housing.

The growth in residential property prices is also a good reason for people to make further investment in their houses. It is often cheaper to expand their existing homes as long as they have enough land rather than pay all the costs of moving house to get more space.

An extension taking up some of the garden can actually add to your enjoyment of your property. You can get more natural light into your house by talking to companies that can supply modern doors and windows. Perhaps installing French doors in Exeter, so you can walk out of your extension into the garden while allowing more daylight to enter your home, might be an attractive idea.

There has been a temporary relaxation of planning regulations that may even mean there is less bureaucracy involved if you want to proceed. You will still need to get proper plans drawn up and comply with building regulations. Extensions will certainly add to the value of any property if they use quality materials and the work is done by a reputable builder. That applies to every region in the country. The doors may still rattle if an earthquake comes along but it will be a purely temporary phenomenon. In contrast, the increased value of your home after the work is done should be permanent.

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