Pragmatic Choices Define your Style

Interior FurnishingThe key to building a successful interior is to invest in the right pieces of furniture, and have fun with seasonal accessories. There is a useful calculation that will help you to decide when to save, and when to splurge – and it is known as the cost per use.

Essentially it works along the same principle of ‘cost per wear’ that French women famously apply to their wardrobes. Quality foundation garments that are cared for and worn regularly necessitate initial investment in the right cut and quality. This is where stylish women will direct their larger budgets – often buying designer clothes that will last the test of time. Fashion and trend led items such as accessories or seasonal wear, will only be worn a few times. Their cost per wear becomes more expensive therefore, and potentially less worth investing heavily in.

The cost per use principle
With your interiors, you can also apply the cost per use principle as per this item at Life Hacker. If, for example you are going to buy a new sofa, you could buy a cheap one that will only last for a year before looking tired and worn. By dividing the cost over the number of days in that year, tells you how much it would cost to sit and use that sofa each day. You could also look at a really high quality sofa that would last you and look beautiful for over ten years. Divide the cost by the number of days in this longer time period, and you may be surprised to find that the cost of use is actually far lower.

Sensible investment decisions
This is a powerful calculation that will help you to view your spending in a more meaningful way, by assigning cost over its useful period. This is similar to the calculations used in business and industry for investment pieces, and it can help you with decision making. Often, with a foundation piece of furniture such as a sofa, it is well worth investing in a beautiful, timeless and well made piece. Consider leather sofas for example. Good quality leather sofas actually look better with age, and will develop a beautiful patina that looks very expensive and cherished. Cheap leather sofas will lack the craftsmanship and materials that continue to look and feel good. A sofa really is a good investment piece for the future, and you can base your entire interior living space around the right piece. Look for inspiration from specialist showrooms and speak to staff at Forrest Furnishing for tips and advice.

Assessing fast fashion purchases
The calculation also works well when assessing fast fashion pieces which may initially seem to be quite well priced. If you think you will only use a cushion or vase for a short season, you may re-calculate your budget spend differently after applying the cost per use principle. Luckily there are some superb ranges of brilliantly priced and high trend interior brands on the high street, including the spin off ranges from supermarkets. This is where you can have fun picking up the latest styles, trends, motifs and colours for very little money and apply them to towels, vases, picture frames, candles and other accessories that can be used to regularly refresh and revive your living space.

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