Indoor Play Equipment

An indoor therapy swing is one of the special needs and therapy products that is available as children’s indoor playground equipment. Each provides entertainment as well as an active and healthy life. It is recommended that children get a minimum of 60 minutes of playtime each day, but sometimes that seems impossible if you live in a condo or apartment.

With indoor products, your child is able to play for hours no matter what the season is or whether it is daytime or nighttime. You simply transform a doorway into a child’s playground with the use of an Indoor Support Bar that suspends to a doorway and only needs a few tools. When the product is not being used, it can be stored in a small space.

By being set up indoors, it means your child can benefit without having access to a yard or playground equipment. Provided is hours of building and strengthening muscles, using pent-up energy, being aided in fine and gross motor skills, building hand to eye coordination, and much more.

There is a wide choice of play sets that are designed for children with special needs. Teachers, parents, and therapists are also happy to have such products because of all their benefits and the additional fact that they are outstanding additions in the classroom and in clinical therapy settings.

For example, the special needs swing is especially effective for a child’s physical, mental, and mental development. The cocoon swing has the security and safety that little ones are after. A sensory swing is an excellent method of incorporating an activity that is physically and mentally stimulating.

For over 15 years, Playaway Toy Company has been committed to always manufacturing products of the highest quality including their safe and secure Rainy Day Indoor Playground line that has many attachments and interchangeable parts including the following:

* Indoor Baby Swing that has been rated the best indoor baby swing by parents and therapists.
* Body Define – Doorway Gym, Indoor Fitness System, Exercises.
* Teeter Totter – Could be placed at eight different levels.
* Seated Glider – Footrest and hand grips provide all sizes of children with comfort.

The Rainy Day Indoor Playground represents the dreams and visions of four brothers who took their joy of toys and fun later into their adult years and started to design products they wished they would have had when they were children.

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