Why Upgrade Your Washing Machine

Knowing when it is time to replace your washing machine can be difficult. There are many benefits that new washers have over older models; however, the up-front cost of purchasing a new machine should be considered. Therefore, how do you know when it’s beneficial to replace your washing machine?

Lesson your environmental footprint:

Old washing machines use more environmental resources than their more modern counterparts. For example, water usage on new machines is greatly reduced when compared with older washing machines. Moreover, new washing machines use less energy than older models. Because of this fact, a new washing machine will require less environmental resources to run, and thus be kinder to the environment.

Does your current washer fit your needs?

Another important fact to consider when contemplating a washing machine upgrade is does your current washer fulfill all the needs of your household. If your family has grown in size since you bought your washer, than most likely you will require a washer with a higher load capacity to meet your needs. On the other hand, if your washer is too big for your family size, you could benefit greatly from downsizing to a more economical sized washer.

Will it save your money long-term?

Although a new washer will require an investment up-front, there are so many ways that a washer will save you money long-term that it is usually worth it. Since a new machine uses less water and electricity, then the cost to operate the machine will be reduced. For example, AEG washing machines require such a small amount of energy and water to run that they will save you quite a bit of money over the course of a year. However, keep in mind that your savings will be increased or decreased based on how often you use your washer. Therefore, if you are running eight loads a week, you will see the savings faster than if you just run two loads a week.

If, after reading the above tips, you have determined that you would greatly benefit from a new washing machine; then it’s time for you to begin the process of picking out the perfect machine. AEG is one of many great brands of washing machines that are available today. Thoroughly research the pros and cons on each washing machine before you make your final decision in order to assure the machine will fit your needs and give you the benefits you desire.

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