What type of van can you get in a standard sized concrete garage?

concrete garageMore and more tradesmen are now bringing their vans home rather than leaving them at work and having a separate car. As a result, driveways and paths are now full of vans, but they do not offer the same kind of security as a garage. Many garage specialists have done some research into whether a van, and if so what size, would fit into a garage, so here we provide some conclusive answers.

There are lots of different types of van available, with around 40 currently on the market. This includes the small and compact versions like the Citroen Nemo, through to the whole range of Ford Transits and up to the Long Wheel Base style vans.

Now, many of these vans, have a height of over 2m and these will not fit into a standard garage at all. They would however fit into a bespoke and purpose built garage and if you have space, building a garage to fit your van inside would often be highly recommended for security purposes and a reduction in insurance premiums.

For the case of this example however, let us have a look at the small and compact vans which lots more people now drive around. They are used to courier items and make drop offs in many different trades and because they have a lot of boot space due to only having two seats, are a very desirable vehicle. However they are also desirable to thieves. Because they have lots of space, they often have lots of items inside such as tools which makes them a prime target for theft.

A standard sized garage for a new build is 16’3” x 8’6” (5m x 2.6m) or 18’3 x 9’6 (5.6m x 2.9m) if they have the room, although obviously garage sizes vary. So with this in mind, would these types of vans fit into a standard garage?

Well the answer is a resounding yes as long as your garage is empty to start off with. A small to compact van is only about 1.2m in height or less and is about 1.7m in length. Depending on what is stored inside the garage, and the garage door you have, it should be possible to get a van of this size into the garage. If you have a roller garage door which allows you to park closer to the garage door, this should easily be achieved and a smaller version of a van should also fit into the garage quite easily, which would mean you can safely store your items. Obviously you would need to have free floor space for this to be achieved, and remember that overhead storage would need to be slightly higher to allow for a natural gap between the roof of the van and storage. If however you have space to build a garage from new, then fitting your van inside should easily be achieved.

So, to conclude, a small or compact van, if adequate for your business, should fit into a standard sized garage fairly easily. If however you require more space and thus a larger van, building a bespoke purpose built garage will be the only way to keep it dry and hidden away overnight at your home.

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