What Are Metal Roofing Systems And How Do They Help?

Metal roofing systems are house coverings which are made of steel, aluminum and other metals. This type of roofing system is growing in popularity as people begin to see the many benefits it offers. Metal roofs are durable, good-looking, energy efficient and friendly to the environment. However they do require specially trained roofers to install them. When properly installed, metal roofs have been known to last for decades. While these systems are growing in popularity today, they have been used worldwide for hundreds of years because they work.

Many different types of metals can be used for roofing. Some of the most popular metals used in roofing include steel, aluminum, tin, zinc and copper, with each metal being favoured for specific reasons. Tin and zinc are often chosen because of their low cost and durability. Steel roofing, on the other hand, is a popular choice because it combines durability with versatility. Some roofing systems use corrugated galvanized steel, while others use stone coated steel, stainless steel or a blend of aluminum, zinc and silicone coated steel.

There are a number of types of steel roofing systems. They are rising in popularity as people look for ways to make their homes ‘greener’ and more friendly to the environment. Contractors select a specific design depending on the style of the home and how the roof is needed to function. Specific roofing designs require the metal roofing material be employed in a certain way. These systems can vary greatly depending on how much money the homeowner wants to spend.

Corrugated galvanized steel coated with zinc is used in modern architecture because of the “green” movement and its ability to stand up to harsh weather. Metal tile sheets are another popular design element. Copper is used because it is corrosion resistant, durable, and low maintenance. It is often used to make a statement architecturally. It also offers lightening protection, shielding from radio frequencies and can be easily recycled. Aluminum roofs are lightweight, corrosion resistant andincreases energy efficiency. Zinc roofs are low cost, fully recyclable, moisture-blocking, corrosion resistant, flexible, malleable and versatile.


Metal roofing systems will enhance the look of your home and improve its curb-appeal. It is also a green product which works in harmony with the environment. Interested in a metal roof? Find an experienced, licensed, bonded and insured metal roofing contractor who will do a thorough roof evaluation to identify your metal and installation options and help you to select the metal roofing system which best meets your needs.

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