Top Appliances to Consider Leasing or Renting to Own

Buying new appliances can be expensive. Most of us don’t have a huge chunk of money sitting in savings that we can just throw down on a new refrigerator when the old one breaks down. Financing appliances is a great way to fit them into your budget without making a huge impact on your finances. You can keep your savings for a rainy day, and the low monthly payment will be easy to manage.

Here are a few of the top appliances you should consider renting-to-own if you are considering updating or replacing your current appliances:

Chest Freezer
A chest freezer is something that most of keep saying we need but few of us save up to own. Something else always seems more pressing, and the chest freezer always gets pushed back. However, a chest freezer can be an essential piece of equipment in your home, helping you to store foods in bulk so you can save money or store foods that you prepare in bulk to save time on meal prep. A chest freezer is an investment that will keep giving you a return over the years.

A dishwasher is a modern convenience that many of us couldn’t live without. However, dishwashers are prone to a lot of issues, including clogged lines, faulty temperature valves, and poor performance. (You’ll start noticing more spots and dirt on your dishes.) When your dishwasher breaks down, you’ll most likely want to replace it as soon as possible. Financing can help you make that possible no matter how much money you have on hand.

You can’t live without your stove. Unless you want to cook on a hot plate or heat things up in the microwave – which you don’t – you can’t let even a day go by without your stove. Sure, you can get takeout while you wait, but that can get expensive fast. Instead, finance your range so that you can get it delivered and installed today. You’ll be back to home cooking in no time, helping you to preserve your health and your finances.

Don’t allow a lack of cash on hand to keep you from having the appliances you need and that make your life more convenient. Consider appliance financing, helping you to bring them home as soon as possible. Paying “appliance rent” will also make remodeling easier!

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