Three Steps Towards Reclaiming Your Backyard

How much time do you spend relaxing in your backyard during the spring and summer months? If you’re like most homeowners you probably don’t spend anywhere near as much you’d like to because your outdoor living spaces just aren’t all that comfortable.

Whether it’s dead patches of grass, a lack of shady places to relax, or simply a lack of something fun to do, it really doesn’t take much to turn your backyard into a dead zone.

That’s unfortunate because a good backyard is something that your whole family can enjoy just about any time the weather permits outdoor activities. Of course a big backyard is the perfect place for getting your kids out from in front of their computer screens and outside for some fresh air and exercise.

Fortunately, that dynamic works in reverse, too. If you’re willing to spend a weekend or two doing some light fix-up work, you can easily take back your backyard and turn it into something really special. Here are a few projects that just about anyone who can swing a hammer can easily complete.

Make it Fun
One easy way of getting the most out of your backyard is to make a place that’s actually fun to hang out at. This doesn’t mean you have to invest thousands of dollars in an elaborate swimming pool or swing set.

In fact, something as simple as a horseshoe pit or ladder golf game can transform your yard into an action filled social center that gets used all the time. Even better, a horseshoe pit can be built for under $100 and put together in just a few hours.

There’s a nearly endless selection of games and outdoor activities you can install to bring a little life into your yard and practically all of them are very affordable.

Light it Up
There’s nothing quite as relaxing as sitting out on your deck enjoying a bottle of wine on a blissful summer evening. Unfortunately, you probably won’t be engaging in this activity very often if you can’t see what the heck you’re doing after the sun goes down.

This problem can be easily remedied with a small investment in landscape lighting. You’ll be surprised at how simply lighting up your trees and shrubs add incredible depth to your yard. Some extra lighting in the yard also makes it a lot easier to see that bottle of wine in front of you on the porch and, with any luck, the lovely person you’re sharing it with.

Clean it Up
One of the easiest fixes for any yard is to simply clean it up a bit. Spend a few hours trimming back the hedges, throwing out accumulated clutter, and pulling up some weeds. Not only will this mini-project make your yard look nicer, it can also transform it back into a place that’s actually relaxing to spend time in.

You pay for every inch of your home, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy every inch of your home. With a little effort, you can easily take back your back yard and turn it into a place your whole family can enjoy.

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