Suntouch Lets You Heat All Your Rooms

Suntouch floors are one of the most flexible heating systems among radiant floor heat products. Suntouch floor mats have been trusted by generations of Americans and remain one of the best-known and trusted names in electric radiant heat. Best of all, Suntouch heated floors can easily be enjoyed in every room of your home. Suntouch floor heating can be used under virtually any flooring surface as well, so you can easily enjoy heated tile, heated stone floors, and other heated floor surfaces all over your home.
In your living room and recreation rooms, Suntouch mats create a cozy heat and also transform your floor into a cozy surface. This is especially important if anyone in your family enjoys sitting on the floor to watch TV or play games. With Suntouch warming mats, the floor surface is comfortable and cozy. As well, Suntouch electric floor heating can allow you to get rid of carpeting and rugs in your living areas, which can help you control dust, mold, and other common problems. In fact, many customers switch to a Suntouch floor system because of allergy concerns. Unlike traditional heating systems, Suntouch underfloor systems do not require ducts, vents, or other heating apparatus that can trap common allergens. With radiant floor heating, your whole family can breathe a little easier.
You will really see the Suntouch difference in your bedrooms. With radiant heated floors, you will never wake up and have to place your bare feet on a cold floor – your feet will always touch a warm surface first thing in the morning. Since radiant floor heat lets you get rid of carpets and since it is a gentle, even form of heat, it can also be less drying and less of an allergy issue than other heating systems. Some customers find that electric radiant heat from Suntouch can help them enjoy a better night of sleep.
In the bathroom, as well, electric radiant heat floors can be a great benefit. Suntouch from different manufacturers can help you enjoy heated tile floors in your bathroom, so that your feet never touch a cold surface when you are getting in or out of the shower. In fact, a heated tile floor in your bathroom can help you enjoy a spa-like experience in your own home.
In many homes, the kitchen is a hard to heat room, and this is where electric floor heating can really help. The kitchen is unique because it usually has stone or tile floors, which can feel cold on chilly days. Heated stone floors and tile floor heating can take care of that problem. At the same time, electric floor heat can take care of another common problem: overheating. Since kitchens often have stoves and ovens in use, they can become uncomfortably warm. When your kitchen gets warm, electric radiant floor heating lets you shut off heating for your kitchen, saving you money and increasing your comfort, while maintaining the same level of heat throughout the rest of your home.

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