Should You Choose Warmwire for Your Heated Floors?

If you are interested in getting electric floor heat for your home, you may wish to consider Warmwire, one of the leading cable-based electric floor heating systems currently available. There are many advantages to a Warmwire electric floor warming system:

1) Durability. Warmwire electric radiant floor heat systems are made with the highest quality materials and with excellent wire construction. This not only ensures your safety, but it ensures that your new Wamrwire floor heat system will bring you warm floors and cozy days for decades to come.

2) An established safety record. Warmwire heated floor systems have been independently tested and have been found to emit zero EMF levels (Electro Magnetic Field), making them safer for your home. Warmwire heated floor products are in fact the only heated floors to be tested independently to produce virtually a zero EMF reading. Warmwire in floor heat products also pass the CSA-130 Impact test, thanks to part to a sturdy Polyurethane outer covering which is designed to keep your family safer. Plus, Warmwire heated floors can actually help keep your home safer by gently drying your floors, keeping them safer and helping you combat mold and mildew.

3) Money-saving technology. A floor of 30 square feet costs under $400 to outfit with Warmwire in floor heat, and actually using your radiant floor heat costs as much as lighting your room. Programmable thermostats and flexible zone heating give you even more control over your Warmwire radiant floor heat systems and allow you to save even more.

4) Flexible use. Warmwire radiant floor heating systems can be used in any room of your home, under virtually any flooring surface. Warmwire radiant heat products are even waterproof, so that they can be used under your shower floor. Warmwire radiant floor heating systems come in 120v or 240v and in 28 different spool sizes, so that it easy to wire any room – no matter its size or shape. In fact, since Warmwire is a heating cable, it is easy to install the system around objects or unusually shaped angles.

5) Ultimate comfort. Warmwire or radiant heating has a greater heat output than many baseboard heaters, making it a cozy form of heat. Warmwire has 41-51 BTUs per SF, meaning you stay warmer and cozier. As well, Warmwire radiant heating transfers heat directly to you and gets rid of cold spots and cold floors, allowing you a luxurious (yet affordable) level of comfort all year long.

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