Saving On Energy

images (35)Tired of spending big quantities of money on power bills? Looking for an option which allows you to preserve energy while including to the visual appeal of your home? Then forget about high-tech devices and simply choose the right glass for your window. According to the professionals at Lowcountry Roofing, replacing your windows can significantly enhance the energy efficiency of your home. You need to choose the glass based on three important aspects – daylight, heat conductivity and solar heat gain. Here are 3 types of glass that will help you preserve energy.


Single pane glass work great with windows that are fixed. They are cheap, effective and durable. However, these glasses provide restricted security against extreme cold and hot. If you have got only one lite window in your house, it is time to update them. Even though the improved edition costs a little bit higher than the conventional one, you can easily restore the distinction in price by preserving on expenses.

Insulated Glass

Single pane window is a thing of the past; now the concentrate is on being energy-efficient. Dual glazing window does exactly that – helps you to preserve you on the expenses. The window includes two glass panes divided by an air space. The area in between will contain gas, which stops the heat from streaming out of the house. Dual glazing window not only protects your house better, but also prevents out the disturbance from outside. If you want to strengthen your house against the extreme cold of the winter season, you can also try out triple or even multiply by quadruple window.

Tempered Glass

If you are concerned that the ordinary glass will crack and put the health of your children and animals at risk, then you should consider setting up tempered glass instead. Tempered glass are heat-strengthened, which makes them up to four times more powerful than ordinary ones. Even if the glass does crack, it will fall apart rather than destroy in distinct shards. The insulation potential of the glass is not bad either.

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