Refrigerator Tips

I’m about to share some tips that will increase the lifespan of your freezer/refrigerator and maintain your power bills low.

Always move or deliver appliances in an erect position. Delivering the fridge on the side could probably cause the Freon flow that will restrict chilling. Putting the fridge on its back will almost always damage the condenser coil nailers and damage the fridge. This can also cause the air compressor to fall short if it is re-booted before the oil has had plenty of your energy and effort to strain out of the lines and the air compressor and collect returning into the oil stage.

Always try to locate appliances away from warm resources like heaters and warm windows. To avoid heating up and possible system failing, don’t position the fridge near anything that could probably limit air circulation to the motor, coil nailers or air compressor. Also, it is not a wise decision to position appliances on top of carpet, because most condensers are located within the fridge and carpet tends to maintain warm and limit air circulation.

Always connect the fridge straight into the wall to prevent catching fire of the air compressor. If you have to use an expansion note, make sure to use a high quality, 3 core expansion cable. Better yet, seek advice from the manufacturer requirements in the user manual.

When making for an extended time period like a vacation or other long trip, eliminate disposable meals, turn off the ice manufacturer and leave the fridge running.

Do not over complete the fridge to the point that cold air can’t flow easily and control meals temperature.

To avoid smells and protect meals quality; all revealed foods should be covered. Eliminate ruined meals and clean up leaks instantly.

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