Enhance the visual appeal of doors by using latest door knobs

All of us know that a door knob is a device used for opening and closing the door. Mainly this device is used for safety and security and most commonly found hardware items in households. A door knob is installed a few centimeters from the edge of the door. Based on your personal preference, budget, and style, you can choose from a large range of door knobs for the doors of your home.

A door knob is typically run by a latching mechanism and mostly made of metals. However, you can also find wooden knobs. The design, quality and price vary from model to model.  As a general rule, there are mainly four types of door knobs – entrance, passage, privacy, and dummy. Entrance door knobs have keyed cylinders and mainly used for outside doors. Privacy knobs are mostly used in baths and bedrooms. Passage knobs are also known as closet or hall knobs and installed where a lock is not required. Dummy doorknobs are fixed knobs that are an amazing solution for closet doors. A latch mechanism is not needed for these kinds of door knobs. Before buying a particular type of knob, it is important to understand the nature of its work and application conditions.

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