Can Nuheat Mats Benefit Your Health?

If you have been considering Nuheat mats as a heating option for your home, you may have been interested in the fact that radiant floor heating mats are cost-effective, energy effective, and very comfortable. All of this is true. Electric flooring has been shown to be one of the most comfortable forms of heating in research studies, and many customers who opt for electric bathroom floor warming find that they save on their energy bills. However, a Nuheat in floor heating system can also do something else. It can help you protect your health in a number of ways:

1) It can help you get rid of carpeting and rugs. Many homeowners install carpeting and rugs in their homes in order to stay comfortable even with cool floors. Unfortunately, most rugs and carpets are made with synthetic materials, adhesives, and others are materials which contain VOCs and other toxins. Worse, rugs and carpets can trap pesticides, chemicals, and other allergens which you track in from the outside. If carpets and rugs get wet, they can also grow mold and mildew. radiantNuheat heated floors let you get rid of your rugs and carpets, and enjoy hard surface floors, which are easier to clean and also can be less harmful for your health and the environment.

2) Nuheat mats can help you get rid of common allergens. Allergens as well as bacteria often get trapped in vents and ducts, distributing them when an forced air system is turned on. Since Nuheat radiant heat mats are installed underneath the floor, they cannot trap or distribute allergens in the same way. If you are allergic to dust, mites, or just want to avoid having these allergens spread all over your home, radiantNuheat floor heating may be the solution for you.

3) Nuheat mats can help you eliminate burn hazards. Radiators, baseboard heaters, and space heaters can all get very hot, posing a burn hazard for small children. With radiant Nuheat mats, there are no elements that get so overheated that it poses a burn danger. In fact, Nuheat in floor mats deliver an even, low dose of heat, which warm and cozy and also keeps you safer. Nuheat mats also allow you to get rid of the space heaters, radiators, and other equipment which can pose a trip and fall hazard.

4) Nuheat mats can help you fight moisture in your home. Nuheat mats deliver a gentle dose of heat to your furnishings and to your floors. This can help you combat mold and mildew, as it dries up your floor, especially in the bathroom, where moisture can be a problem.

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