Big Glasses = Big Impact!

I have a big face, that’s a fact and this my friends makes buying sunglasses a time consuming and difficult task.  Although I am blessed with beautiful high cheek bones, unfortunately these are of the chubby variety. Most of the sunglasses I’ve tried either too small or just simply wrong.  Every hipster and chic girl around town knows that a quick and simple way to update an outfit is to throw on a hot pair of shades or even some thick framed prescription glasses and strut like there’s no tomorrow!

My personal style is elegant with a colourful twist and I couldn’t find sunglasses that gave me the wow factor until I met Roxy. Like a light she appeared out of the night (well not really but you get the picture) and instantly gave me IT girl status. I normally shy away from big glasses as I think they make me look slightly bug eyed but Roxy drew me in with her chic frames and simple design.  Think Jackie O with a modern twist.

The frames help to balance the lenses and streamline the whole look, rather than sitting on top of my cheeks they merely perched making them a perfect fit. These are perfect for the beach or hanging out with friends with an everyday look.

Taking it up a notch are the Take off Aviators, this is one pair of sunglasses not to be missed. Not only do they provide an instant glamour, they are right on trend this season. Aviators have been seen on the summer collections of the major design houses this year and they are fast becoming a talking point. These provided excellent protection from the sun and gave a fabulous update to my causal ensemble.

Although they have smaller frames, they did not look too small for my face and the gold frames provided some much-needed luxury.

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