All About Bauma 2016: Exhibitors Take Note

BaumaBauma lays claim to being the largest trade fair in the world. If you have a construction company or business you can be a part of this event as online applications for bauma 2016 have just opened. Showcase your business, demonstrate new products or lines, find out about the latest developments in the industry, and much more. Because bauma is global you will be able to expand your network of contacts on a worldwide basis.

Who is Bauma For?
Bauma 2016 is an international trade fair designed for companies working in the construction industry – those people making, designing and marketing construction vehicles and equipment, construction machinery, and machines for building materials. In 2013 – the last time bauma was held – over 3,400 different companies took exhibit space at the event. The show’s organizers say the event is suitable for both newcomers and market leaders, although as the event is on such a large scale it probably best fits the budgets of larger and more ambitious players. According to the organizers, visitors to bauma come from more than 200 countries.

Bauma 2016
Bauma 2016 is the 31st version of the trade fair and it takes place from April 11–17, 2016, in Munich, Germany. There are set to be four sectors at bauma 2016 – “All Around Construction Sites” for the vehicles and machines involved in construction, lifting apparatus, construction tools, scaffoldings, and site installations; “Mining, Extraction and Processing of Raw Materials”; “Production of Building Materials” for those involved in the manufacture of cement compounds, machines for producing concrete and asphalt, sandstone, and gypsum, plus packaging for building materials; and “Component and Service Suppliers” that caters for the organizations that run services related to the construction industry.

Applications for Bauma 2016
A full two years prior to the event, businesses can submit their applications online with a final receipt for the applications of March 6th, 2015. Applications can be made through the bauma website, where you can also find out information about the show and the specific requirements for an exhibit stand at the event.

Bauma and Other Construction Shows
Check out to find out more information about the wide range of construction shows taking place around the world. Bauma is by no means the only show worth attending – depending on your specialty you’ll find hundreds of shows and exhibitions throughout the year. While large trade fairs like Bauma attract large companies and organizations, if your business and budget is smaller it may be more effective to attend a regional or local show. Wherever you exhibit, make sure you are prepared for the event by thoroughly planning your exhibit stand to reflect your message and your trading goals, and by planning your strategy so you can network for the greatest success with others in the business. A trade fair is a valuable opportunity for anyone in the construction business, but it can also be expensive to attend a trade show – don’t waste it.

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