3 Most Popular Fencing Options For Homes With Swimming Pools

If you are planning on putting in a pool or already have a swimming pool on your property, you are probably required by local law to fence your pool area in to ensure that neighborhood children and pets cannot gain access to your pool. There are many tragic pool accidents that happen each year in the United States that result in children losing their lives because they were able to gain access to residential swimming pools. Here are some of the most popular fencing options for swimming pool areas.

Aluminum Fencing
Aluminum fencing is available at nearly every fencing company as it’s a very popular choice among homeowners. This fencing is designed to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and is an alternative to black wrought iron fencing that was popular for many years. Aluminum fencing is available in sizes from 3 feet to 8 feet high. The most popular size for swimming pool areas is aluminum fencing that’s 5 feet high as that height meets most local pool fencing requirements. You do not have to sand, prime or paint aluminum fencing which is a big ‘plus’.

Aluminum fencing features simple, clean and stylish lines that resembles old fashioned wrought iron fencing. It is often available in black and cream colors and is constructed from long-lasting, rust-free aluminum that’s strong and durable yet lightweight and easy to transport. This fencing is sold in pre-made panels that attach to aluminum fence posts. The posts can either be installed in-ground or ordered with a base for installing above ground.

Frame-less Glass Pool Fencing
An increasingly popular type of swimming pool fencing more and more homeowners are choosing to install is frame-less glass fencing. You can create quite a visual impact with this fencing without impacting the view. This type of pool fencing is a classy, elegant solution to providing safety to your pool area and it’s easy to maintain and care for.

Frame-less glass fencing is made from premium, quality safety glass that is about 12 millimeters thick. This fencing comes in many different heights to match any pool area design and the panels fit into corrosion-resistant stainless steel spigots that can be installed either above ground using a base plate or below ground using hollow post holders secured with cement. When you have this type of attractive fencing installed around your pool, those inside the pool area can enjoy looking outside the fenced in area and passersby won’t even notice there is a fence there at all as it is a very low-profile fencing option.

Vinyl Pool Fencing
One of the most used fencing options around swimming pools is vinyl fencing. This fencing was designed to be an alternative to traditional wood fencing. The typical fencing company has several colors available in vinyl fencing as well as several textures to make it resemble wood. However, unlike a wood fence, a vinyl fence does not need to be repainted or re-stained as all you need to do is spray it down with a hose now and then to remove the dust and dirt.

Vinyl fencing is very attractive, stylish and designed to create a safe and classic boundary around your swimming pool. You can typically choose from several spacing options between pickets when you buy vinyl fencing. One of the main selling points to this type of fencing is that it is easy to install. There are no screws needed as the fencing pieces simply ‘notch’ together making it quick and relatively simple to assemble.

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