Lawn Maintenance Enhances Property Value

Lawn care is an essential part of your exterior home maintenance. It enhances the beauty and ultimately the sales value of your property. There are several different varieties of grass you can use to seed your lawn. Your decision will determine how you should maintain your turf in the future. Important considerations in your selection include your budget, USDA climate zone, aesthetic preference and the amount of time you want to invest in maintaining your lawn. Popular warm weather grasses include Buffalo, St. Augustine and Bermuda. Kentucky Bluegrass, Fescue and Ryegrass are preferred in colder climates.

All lawns need additional nutrients to keep them healthy. Extra care and fertilizer is highly recommended for newly seeded lawns that aren’t fully established. Your soil and grass species are important factors in choosing the best fertilizer for your lawn. You can perform a soil analysis to determine which nutrients your lawn needs.

Lawn pests are a serious threat to the health and appearance of your turf grass. Chinch bugs, mole crickets, leafhoppers, cutworms and grubs can infest and damage your turf. Many homeowners indiscriminately use pesticides without an indication of an infestation. You should avoid using pesticides unless you know that you have a pest control issue.

Fertilizers, pesticides and most lawn care products require special handling and storage. Make sure that you read and follow the labels regarding their safe use. Store your Lawn maintenance products in an outdoor area, such as a garage or shed, away from small children and animals. Lawnmowers and other power equipment should be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions.

Many homeowners use landscaping services to prepare and care for their lawns. The company can protect the health of your lawn by providing a wide array of services, such as aeration, fertilization, planting and pest control.

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