How to Remove Common Stains from Leather Couches

Leather couches and leather sectional sofas are beautiful additions to any home. They don’t require much work to keep them looking their best, but there are times when accidents happen. It is important to note that the solutions here may not work on every color. You should always test the method first in an inconspicuous area. If any of the dye from your reclining leather sofa rubs off, you will need to try a different product.

• Ink: The best product to use is rubbing alcohol, or an alternative that contains alcohol. Nail polish remover or hairspray also work. Apply the product to a q-tip and then rub the ink stain. Alcohol is very drying to leather sectional sofas, so you will need to apply a conditioner afterwards.

• Red wine or Juice: This is one of the most difficult stains to remove. The number one rule is to never rub a stain. You will cause it to set permanently. To get rid of it, fill a length of pantyhose with one cup of salt. Apply this to the stain and maintain pressure. You should see the salt absorbing the liquid.

Once you have extracted as much of the liquid as you can, get a rag and a bowl of lukewarm water. Gently blot the stain starting at the outside edge and working inwards. Dry by pressing the area with paper towels. Repeat these steps until you can no longer see the stain on your reclining leather sofa.

• Milk- These stains not only are difficult to treat, but they may smell bad too. Always absorb as much of the liquid as possible using a rag. To remove it, the best product is an enzymatic cleaner that breaks down proteins. An alternative is lemon juice applied to a q-tip or toothbrush.

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