New and Improved Sleeper Sofas

Today’s sleeper sofas are nothing like the beasts of burden your parents owned in the seventies. Stylish, chic, sleek and modern, sofa beds today are trendy additions that are comfortable and welcoming. Available in a wide range of sizes, you can enjoy everything from a trim and petite chair sleeper to a full size leather sleeper sofa. The colors will impress you, the styles will please you, and the comfort will thrill your guests.

Traditional sleeper sofas featured side panels that went straight to the floor. While these are still available, you can also choose a more updated look. Modern sleeper sofas will fit comfortably with any décor thanks to the addition of slightly raised legs. They create a more open look that fits nicely with modern décors while also making it easier to clean under the sofa.

When you’re decorating your house, you want to find the perfect color for your living room or family room. New sleepers feature an incredible range of colors. You won’t be limited to elegant earth tones; you can also choose marvelous reds, rich plums, shades of green and just about any other color you can imagine. Regardless of your home décor, you can find a sleeper sofa that will match beautifully.

There was a time when every sleeper sofa sold featured a full-size mattress. Those days are long gone, however. You can choose a chair sleeper that will open up to a neat and comfortable twin size bed, or a larger sofa that features a queen size bed. The choice is yours based on the space you have and how many people you want the sofa to accommodate.

When you are looking for a sofa bed, there is no limit to the options available to you. Choose a leather sleeper sofa in any size you need, or look for luxurious fabric and microfiber. The colors are sophisticated, the styles are great for modern houses, and the beds are extremely comfortable.

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