3 Quick Tips for Picking Your New Bed’s Size

When it comes time to purchase a new mattress, the first question people ask themselves is what kind of bed they want. This is obviously important, but in reality, it should be the second question people ask. What’s the first, you wonder? What size mattress should be purchased?

Too often, people neglect to consider what size mattress is right for them and can wind up with something that is physically comfortable, but spatially insufficient.

There are a few quick ways to decide what size you should purchase for your next mattress. If you share your bed, either with a partner or even a pet, you should toss out twin and even full-size beds as options. While a full may feel roomy for one individual, when split between two people, it offers less space per person than a twin bed allows for a single person.

The next is the size and build of your home and bedroom. Simply put, if you order a king-size bed, and realize upon delivery you can’t get it down the hallway to your bedroom, it won’t be doing you any good. And if you have a very small bedroom, or even a studio apartment, a mattress that takes up a majority of your floor space may be a poor decision.

The last tidbit is a blend of the first two ideas. Generally, people should purchase a mattress as large as they can reasonably afford, after first assessing the previous requirements. If you have a bed that’s too large, you can still sleep on part of it comfortably. If you buy a bed that’s too small, you won’t be comfortable at all.

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